Creative interventions


It's hard to stay up to date in today's constantly changing environment. In order to maintain a competitive edge, it is crucial to incorporate new perspectives while taking full advantage of the existing resources in the organization. With this in mind, our workshops include short lectures, highly participatory exercises and immersive sensemaking - designed to give your employees time, space and structure to come up with tangible solutions to your most wicked problems. By encouraging cross-boundary communication we aim to establish a system where you can leverage from your internal know-how within the organization. The workshops can be designed as a one-time event or extended over a longer period of time. Below you will find some examples of workshops we are offering at the moment.

"How to increase innovation"

This workshop uses a variety of techniques to stimulate innovation in order to drive your business forward. 

"How to improve communication"

Working together isn't easy. This workshop is structured to facilitate communication and optimize collaboration in your team.   


In combining ideas from architecture, philosophy, communication, business and psychology, we have developed short transdisciplinary lectures packed with insights aimed to inspire new ways of thinking.

Current lectures:

"On The Benefits of Transdisciplinarity"

"Dialogue As a Tool For Innovation"

"On Design Thinking and Creativity"



As we see it, dinnertime is a surprisingly untapped opportunity for creative thought. Therefore, inspired by Socrates, Plato and the 18th century Salons in Paris where people gathered to discuss important ideas, we are redefining conversations for the 21st century. A delicious dinner is served alongside tailor-made conversation menus with questions bringing together various disciplines such as art, science and culture as a way to reflect upon self, work and life in general. The concept is specifically developed for busy and time-sensitive teams who need to constantly innovate and want to get to know each other in a more relaxed setting. Also, it is a fun way to increase engagement, trust and creativity without having to put aside extra time. 


We tailor our offerings to your unique needs. You specify what is relevant to your organization, then we develop the framework and design the content of the process accordingly.