The Future of Sustainable Fashion


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We are happy to tell you that Gather Festival was a great success! As many of you know, we were in charge of Gather Solution Labs (the innovation workshops with external partners) but we also personally led two workshops, one on the Future of Sustainable Fashion and one on The Night Time Economy.

In the week since Gather, many of you have asked us what we were up to during the festival, so here is a brief summary of our lab on The Future of Sustainable Fashion as well as the top-trends we explored during our research phase and refined in the lab.

Stay tuned next week for some insights from the Night-time Economy.

What was the challenge?
The aim of the day was to have an informed conversation about the future of sustainable fashion.

How did we address it?
We kicked off the day with transdisciplinary dialogues, a natural part of the Tankeapoteket methodology that we use in order to establish trust and psychological safety in new groups. Then we introduced the participants to a set of definitions, facts and figures related to the current state of the fashion industry and collaboratively explored the philosophical aspects of clothes and why we wear them.

We then presented a list of the most interesting trends that we had found during our research including a wedding-dress made out of fungus, an initiative pioneering genderless fashion and a company using blockchain to revolutionize the issue of transparency.

Skärmavbild 2017-09-26 kl. 14.58.38.png
Skärmavbild 2017-09-26 kl. 14.58.24.png
Skärmavbild 2017-09-26 kl. 14.59.51.png

Then, in order to truly leverage from the diversity in the group, we engaged participants in a prototyping session, combining trends with personas to build and envision future scenarios. The session ended with a collective metalogue around the implications of the prototypes and the stories enacted in the various futures, spurring questions about the kind of future we want to create and what kind of decisions we need to make in order to enable a truly sustainable future for the fashion industry.


What was the result?
The result of the lab was an open and informed conversation about the range of possible futures for sustainable fashion. A secondary result was the many new relationships created across sectors, cultures and nationalities. Now, our aim is that these conversations will continue after Gather Festival, influencing and shaping the various contexts and spaces that our lab participants inhabit on a daily basis.


Download our presentation here
Download our conversation menus here

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