Hey Y'all!
The Gather Festival is getting closer and since there will be so many cool things to do at the same time, we decided to help you out by creating our own Top 10 list of things to see. In addition to the list below (and our own labs), you have to come see the Opening Ceremony which will take place at 9AM this Thursday (14th of september) at Nobelberget.

This, for sure, is not something you want to miss.

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1) Lucy McRae - 10:00 - 10:45 @ Nobelberget
Super-cool Body Architect Lucy McRae goes beyond the limits of our biological capacities and imagines our lives hundreds of years from now.

2) Disruption and Speculation - 13:30 - 14:45 @ Nobelberget
This session will push the boundaries of hacktivism, disruption and art in contemporary digital culture. From afrofuturism and posthumanism to dissensus, multivocality and art as critique, this session deals with what’s on the fringes of humanity. What lies at the intersection of digital materiality, art, and posthumanism?

3) Journalism in the Post-truth Era - 14:30 - 16:00 @ Nobelberget
In an era of post-truth, late capitalism and social change, this session deals with contemporary media and journalistic issues, from the transnational co-operation of the Panama Papers to the issues of online trolling.

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4) ALGORITHMIC BUSINESS 10:00 - 11:30 @ Nobelberget
We are especially excited to hear what Claudia Olsson, a good friend of ours and a sought-after speaker on exponential technologies, has to say about the future of Blockchain and decentralized trust.

5) HYBRID FOREST on VIRTUAL PURPOSE 14:45 - 15:30 @ Nobelberget
In this session, we will get some fresh perspectives on VR. How can a heartbeat produce virtual environments with sight, sound, smell and touch? And how can this feedback contribute to our understanding of how bodily states help shape our realities?

6) DR. KATE STONE & BE CHARLOTTE  - Bringing everyday things to life 15:30 - 16:30 @ Nobelberget
In this keynote session, the Cambridge physicist Kate Stone, and a young Scottish singer songwriter Be Charlotte, will work together to explore creative uses of new technology by turning everyday surfaces into musical instruments.


The glorious Teenage Engineering Sound System blends music-creation with physical creation of musical instruments and demonstrates their new technology before a live audience.

On Saturday, Red Bull Sound Select, curated by Babak Azarmi, takes over a stage at Gather and invites you to spend the night with the future of urban music. It will be experimental, versatile and insanely good. First out is the charismatic rapper Stefflon Don, described as East London meets Jamaica via Rotterdam - dancehall and reggae in a wonderful mashup.

Another great addition through Red Bull Sound Select is Lady Leshurr. The British rapper, singer and producer are seen by many as the queen of Grim. Her style has been described as fast and intense, like Busta Rhymes - but better.

Omar Souleyman is the wedding singer from Syria, who has reach cult status in the western club world. His music seems to bypass all genres - mixing traditional dabke with hyperactive electronica.

There are still some tickets left! Use this link and type in promocode TANKEAPOTEKET to get 20% off the price.

About Gather Festival
Gather Festival is a transdisciplinary mash up of a hackathon, a conference and a nightclub and was created with the aim of democratizing innovation and taking it to the streets. Taking place for the first time ever this year in Stockholm September 14th-16th.