Tankeapoteket takes on the Night Time Economy

As many of you know already, we are part of the The Gather Festival. In addition to heading the Solution Labs, we will also be leading two labs ourselves. The labs will be a continuation on the work we did in Colombia this summer together with the Swedish Institute but will be open to the public this time. The focus of our labs will be The Night Time Economy and The Future of Fashion. There are still tickets left so make sure to get a spot!



About The Night Time Economy Lab
Society is changing at an unprecedented speed and so are our ideas about space, time and nature. The nine-to-five way of working is becoming more and more outdated as people chose to define their lives according to their own needs and preferences, rather than the dusty rules left over from industrialization. We believe it’s time to rethink the idea of night time and explore ways of making optimal use of the resources we have in order to create cities that are truly alive.

In this 3-hour speculative session we question old modes of thinking and take a step into the future to reimagine the city of tomorrow. What kind of services could we offer an emerging group of night-lovers? How about 24/7 open banks, late-night cooking classes or evening childcare? Perhaps, the evening owls among us could get sweaty during Midnight-Yoga, attend a Mixed Reality course at dawn or spend a few hours during the day in one of the many popular deep-rest studios? 

This session, led by Tankeapoteket, will combine insights and ideas from the edge of the night-time economy with strategic discussions and exercises from the realm of transdisciplinary design. The goal of the session is to develop ideas for future action and create new relationships across a variety of sectors.


About The Future of Sustainable Fashion Lab
In a world faced with wicked problems such as global warming, rising sea levels and poverty, we all have to rethink the way we consume and produce. Sustainability has been on the agenda for many years now, but what does a triple bottom line look like in practise? Is it possible to combine a dedication to sustainability with a business model relying on fast fashion? What are the biggest factors influencing the world of fashion today and how can we deal with the challenges of the future? These questions, and many more, will be addressed during this 3-hour speculative session on The Future of Sustainable Fashion.

This session, led by experienced process leaders from Tankeapoteket, will combine lectures from the edge of sustainable fashion with strategic discussions and hands-on exercises. The goal is to initiate a transdisciplinary dialogue, explore and build actionable prototypes and establish new relationships within and across the global creative industry.

The participants will include creatives from all over the world, including fashion designers, artists, creatives and entrepreneurs from Colombia, Mexico and Sweden, engaged in an ongoing exchange initiated by the Swedish Institute called Sweden@Colombia. The session will also welcome participants of Gather festival who have an interest and a willingness to share their ideas and experiences on the topic.


Much <3 and hope to see you all there!