We went to Bogotá, Colombia, this summer to explore the future of the creative industries together with our friends at The Swedish Institute, The Swedish Ministry of Culture, The Swedish Fashion Council, STHLM Music City, SNASK, Orten.io and Pins Collective. Here is a short glimpse of what we were up to.


We met on June 6th to initiate the project Sweden@Colombia with an interdisciplinary group of artists, fashion designers, music producers, economists and night-life entrepreneurs from Sweden and Colombia. During our first networking session we introduced participants to each other and visualised the collective know-how in the group. The aim of the workshop was to create new relationships within and beyond the creative industries through combining transdisciplinary lectures with strategic dialogues and hands-on exercises. The space was designed to ensure psychological safety, nurture creativity and give people a safe place to question and explore hidden basic assumptions.


On June 8th we re-gathered the group for a speculative second session. This time, the aim of the workshop was to create an informed conversation about the future of the creative industries. By giving participants new tools and methods for approaching the challenges and opportunities ahead, we hoped to inspire new cross-cultural collaborations and a continuous know-how sharing between the Swedish and Colombian participants. Throughout the two sessions we collected insights and ideas that sprung from the group in order to inform the next meeting that will take place at Gather Festival in Stockholm in September.


Now, we’re SUPEREXCITED for the reunion at Gather Festival in September! For tickets to Gather go to http://www.gatherfestival.com/