We are excited to announce that we are going back to New York next week! This time we are honored to be among the amazing speakers giving our take on Elasticity at the annual VergeNYC conference at Parsons School of Design!

We will run a workshop on Cultivating Elastic Minds for the Future and help curate the evening conversations with questions exploring everything from neuroplasticity and Alan Watts to creative boundaries, speculative design and the ever-changing nature of personal narratives.

Verge revolves around transdisciplinary conversations that gather interesting experts and opinion-leaders from diverse industries to shed light on Elasticity form different perspectives.

Click here to read about our adventures during last year's Verge conference on the theme Action in the Face of Uncertainty and see below for the video from last year.

About the workshop: Cultivating Elastic Minds for the Future
During this session we will talk about how we as Social Designers at the Swedish start-up, Tankeapoteket, are paving the way for a conversational renaissance. We will tell you about how we are using the art of dialogue to increase empathy, creativity and trust in everything from banks and universities to app companies, governments and museums. We will introduce you to the DNA of Dialogue and how that is connected to cultivating elastic minds, wicked problem-solving and resilient organizations for the future. Dedicated to stretching minds and broadening horizons, we are excited to give you time and space to meet in new ideas and unusual conversations.

About Verge
VergeNYC is a three-day design event organized by students at Parsons School of Design, along with design and community partners. We bring together leading thinkers, field experts and change makers to galvanize a movement towards Transdisciplinary Design. In our upcoming conference from February 24–26, 2016, we will be exploring the theme of Elasticity. What does an elastic future look like, and how might we design for it?

Our workshop is on Feb 25th at The New School University Center (63 5th Avenue). Please stop by if you're in the city! For more information about Verge and to secure a spot at the conference visit the Verge website