Hey there!

A lot has happened since last time. Where do we start? For simplicity, let's treat time as linear and start where we left off. After a long period of busyness we took the healthy decision to spend a few days focusing on the things considered “important but not urgent”. We settled in front of the giant pile of promising books, articles and TED talks and immersed ourselves in the theoretic jungle, hungry to create new connections. A couple of intense days led us to discover the DNA of Dialogue, understand how physics can explain communication and explore how different mindsets hinder or facilitate serendipity. Most importantly; we finally understood how it all fits together.


Once we had returned from the abstract world of academia it was time for the first of a series of Creative Interventions for IFL Executive Education. The management team got to pick and choose from a conversation menu consisting of questions such as:

Paul Graham, investor and PhD from Harvard, says: "Prestige is the enemy of passion". How do you define success?

Zorba the Greek said: "A man needs a little madness, or else he never dares to cut the rope to be free." How are you crazy?

Medical students from Harvard who studied details in works of art improved their ability to make correct diagnoses. What can we learn from culture?

The evening was a great success and we look forward to an exciting year!

Back at SSE Business Lab awaited a packed schedule of meetings, app and concept development, Vinnova follow-ups and meta-cognition.

Finally, it was time for our next intervention, this time a full day at Tillväxtverket. The aim was to give them space and time for reflection, conversation and inspiration. Tankeapoteket were invited to ask basic questions, encourage new insights and deepen their relationships. In our mini-lectures we talked about the history of conversation, the complexity of communication and presented some example of transdisciplinary thinking in practice.

A few days later we took the train to Malmö to meet up with dedicated and passionate people from vastly diverse disciplines. The first visit was to Munkhätteskolan where we met two inspiring women, school leaders and experts in pedagogics, to talk about dialogue as a tool for improving young people's learning and language development. Then we crossed the bridge over to Copenhagen to meet up with three forward-looking and motivated entrepreneurs from the news agency Trendsonline.dk

Then it was finally time for a meeting with our inspiration/ philosopher-poet /science-guru, Tor Nørretranders, at the suitable Cafe Apotheke in Hellerup. All of our hopes and expectations were fulfilled and he was exactly as wise, empathetic and present as we had envisioned. Stay tuned for our upcoming interview with him on the blog.

We leave the South with new inspiration, synapses and even greater ambitions. 

Much love, 

/ Anja and Johanna

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