Workshop with The Ministry for Foreign Affairs!

Today we held a workshop for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in collaboration with Openlab. 90 ambassadors from all over the world gathered to solve the world's problems through creativity and design!

The focus of the day was to explore how the practice of Design Thinking can be used to come up with innovative ways of promoting a strong, broad and accurate image of Sweden abroad.

In order to make the process as tangible as possible we decided to focus on one specific target group: Connectors. Using the first step of Design Thinking, “Empathy”, we immersed ourselves in the lives of this specific group, trying to understand their needs and behaviors in order to design experiences that provide them with maximum value. After having extracted insights and selected specific needs to focus on, the participants got to create prototypes and scenarios while “thinking with their hands”.

Adding our own flavor to Design Thinking, we included plenty of time for immersive sensemaking, giving participants time and space to meet in meaningful conversations. By encouraging transnational dialogues we wanted to leverage as much as possible from the group’s internal tacit know-how.

The workshop was a great success and we hope to continue turning wicked problems into tangible solutions in the near future!