New partnership with Fotografiska!


We have some exciting news! Tankeapoteket is now offering creative workshops and lectures together with Fotografiska, the museum of photography in Stockholm!

The workshops will be centered around topics of creativity, communication and future-thinking and involve insights and methods from a range of disciplines including psychology, design, business and architecture.

Follow this link to add a creative flair to your next conference, meeting or event.

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About our new workshops:

Opening up for the future
Every day we shape our future. The way we think, act and interpret our surroundings greatly effects the reality we experience. In order to remain relevant in a time of constant change, we must deal with the future in a tangible way. During this workshop you will explore future scenarios, learn to "think with your hands" and develop skills to analyze important trends in your business environment.

How to boost your creativity
A world in flux requires new ways of thinking. But what is creativity and how can we become better at it? During this practical workshop you will develop your ability to see patterns, understand the big picture and create new connections. We tell you why attention is the most valuable resource of the future and how you can learn to make the most of it.

How to have better meetings
We have so many meetings. But how can we make them more effective? During this practical workshop you will learn how to optimize the time you have together. We introduce the latest research on positive and negative communication and help develop your skills in the art of conversation.