Dear friends!

We thought it was time for a quick update on what we have been up to lately at Tankeapoteket. This blog has been somewhat silent during the fall, but there has been frantic activity just below the surface. Since we stared out, just about a year ago, we have found an office (fittingly enough a lab), spent countless hours discussing the nature of empathy, our mutual fascination of black holes, the future of innovation and the meaning of life. Most importantly, we have developed Conversation Dinners, Salons and workshops that we have organized for a number of different organizations. And during the upcoming spring we will finally launch our events for individuals as well!

One major highlight last year was the evening we arranged for the principal and management team of the Stockholm School of Economics. In a beautiful location outside of Sigtuna, the participants got to ponder over questions such as:

Kierkegaard once said:" Life can only be understood backwards but must be lived forwards. "Where do you live?

How do you communicate with the world?

How come we experience time as linear, when in fact everything we see around us (nature, the economy, our feelings, life) goes in cycles?

Other events include a creative evening with the app/knowledge company Babygruppen and a conversation dinner for External Relations team at SSE.

Another highlight was to find out that we received funding from the state innovation agency Vinnova! It is truly amazing that Sweden sees the need to invest in conversation! This spring we will continue on developing our tools in the hope of in the future introducing them in more areas where they can make a difference. 

All in all, last fall was packed with new impressions (and late nights). Among other things, we finished our master studies at SSE, studied Trend Spotting at Konstfack, met SSE’s finest humanist, Mats Tyrstrup, and made him our mentor. In the lab, our home among the rooftops on Saltmätargatan, we received daily doses of inspiration from other struggling entrepreneurs and serendipitously, we got to know and establish a future collaboration with curious specialists at Karolinska.

Now, school is finally over and we can put all of our attention on Tankeapoteket. So, we take a deep breath, raise your gaze and stomp on the gas. Now awaits a creative intervention for a big Swedish authority, cooperation with IFL Executive Education, a trip to New York and a meeting with our guru Tor Norretranders in Copenhagen.

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Lastly, some recipes.

For doing what you love

For reflection

Much love

 / Anja & Johanna