Founded in Stockholm in the fall of 2014. Tankeapoteket is a social design firm, specialized in making people and organizations more innovative and able to thrive in uncertainty. Working in the intersection of Psychology, Business and Design, we are determined to build bridges where others see holes.


Anja Melander

Anja has zigzagged her way through academia. Criminology became Media and Communications became a BSc in Behavioral Science with a major in Psychology. Work at a PR-agency in New York turned into studies in Neuro Economics and Moral Psychology. In the fall of 2013 she headed to Stockholm for a MSc in General Management at the Stockholm School of Economics. This is where she met Johanna, founded Tankeapoteket and finally found home.


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Johanna Öhlén Meschke

Johanna has always had a passion for design. A desire to combine practice, theory and aesthetics led her to architecture. After earning her degree and pursuing a career in Berlin, Copenhagen and Oslo, she wanted to move on. An attraction to the interdisciplinary led her to explore journalism and later pursue a MSc at Stockholm School of Economics. This is when she finally found her transdisciplinary tribe and created Tankeapoteket.


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